Titania, Total Boat protection
Titania, Total Boat Protection

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Titania Application

Although Titania has many different applications, at their core all
Titania products carry the same great attributes:

  1. They are invisible, completely clear with no visible residue or discoloration.
  2. They preserve whatever layer they are covering. Paint, cloth, glass, mirrors will all be protected from outside   contamination. Titania is the wall between what you want to keep in good condition, and what you want to keep out. Organic material- bird droppings, mold, rust, algae, barnacles cannot permanently attach to the surface, or sink through the protective layer of Titania.
  3. They are long-lasting. The bond between the Titania particles and the surface is so strong, it takes years before they start to deteriorate, even when submerged in salt water all year.
  4. They are completely non-toxicharmless and odorless

Here are the four appliections PDF files
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