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Protective Coatings

We specialize in boat bottom painting and service. Our goal is to make your boat care worry free. We pride ourselves of meticulous care and provide first-class marine service and repair. We understand the importance of quality workmanship and our customers enjoy our friendly, professional service.

We use Titania Protective Coatings and Interlux paint products to assure longevity of our work.  Protect your boat from fouling organisms.  Over a period of time, slime can build allowing seaweed, shells, and other organisms to attach to your boat hull.  This increases "drag" or friction slowing your sailboat or reducing plane on your power boat.  Fouling also causes more fuel consumption.  If your boat bottom is unprotected for too long, damage can occur to the paint and cause more costly repairs.



Here is one of our current projects.
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